Sunrise at Mount Hallowell

Following the success of my sunset hike earlier in the week, I determined to make it back up for a sunrise at least once before I left Denmark. Court’s face was quite amusing when I said this to him, as in the three weeks I’d staying with him, he was yet to see me wake up before 10am.

He wasn’t wrong to be sceptical; the first two attempts to get up at 5am failed miserably. On my last day I resolved that it was now or never, and in an unprecedented occurrence, previously only seen when needing to be at work, and only if I REALLY needed to be there, I was up at 5am. It was so early, even the dogs seemed sleepy, but the three of us soon set off, climbing up the track in pitch darkness, their eyes and collars reflecting in the distance as my head-torch swung across the trail.


After a 30 minute hike, and a similar length wait at the top, some light finally began to creep into the edges of the sky, seemingly reaching for the clouds above the horizon, the morning mist drifting through the hills.

More colour infused the sky as the dogs grew more and more restless, bored of sitting around waiting for me to finish taking pictures. It turns out George and Charlie aren’t the biggest fans of waiting about doing nothing.

I managed to keep them entertained enough to bear with me until the final moments of the sunrise were happening, and we then set back off down the trail for some breakfast, enjoying the reciprocal journey without the need for a head-torch, the dogs bounding far ahead into the distance.


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