Sunset at Mount Hallowell

I only meant to spend a few days in Denmark, but the company of Mr Courtney Powys and his lovely family, and the fact it may well be the best place in the world, meant I ended up there for nearly a month. Thanks again to Court and Rae for letting me take over your study for a month. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to cleaning the gutters Court; I promise I will next time. 

So I found myself lucky enough to be staying somewhere with part of the Bibbulmun Track running basically through the back garden. This provided the perfect playground for some hiking and dog walking. Many of my days would involve taking the awesome dogs out on the track for a few hours, and the climb up to the top of Mount Hallowell became a regular favourite. The panoramic view of the Wilson Inlet and Southern Ocean are pretty special, and it was quite easy to get lost in the moment.  It was down to poor timekeeping rather than a premeditated plan that I ended up catching a sunset from the top, but it was one of the more positive outcomes of my normal inability to manage time and organise my daily life.

As the sun dipped behind the hills, the bush and clouds provided a spectacular skyscape and silhouettes against the horizon.

The view to the South across the inlet and out past the headland grew ever more moody and clouds more dramatic as the ‘sunset hour’ ticked on by.

I was torn between shooting in monochrome or colour, as I much prefer the contrast and depth of an image taken in black and white, but a good sunset provides such a range of colour that it seems unfair not to try and capture in its full glory, so I took a mix and decided to leave it up to the viewers discretion as to which they prefer the most!



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