Introducing Dylan.

The plan had always been to pick up a second hand bike when getting to Australia, and finding the perfect bike had been top of my agenda. The small matter of Helen and Mike’s wedding would not get in my way, and within 5 days, undoubtedly boring anyone unfortunate enough to be around for long enough for listen to me go on about it, I had found Dylan.

I’d been looking for a mid-sized off-road tourer, and despite finding several Honda and Yamaha 650 singles, none had panniers or brackets on, so weren’t going to work. Dylan is a BMW F650 GS Dakar, and came with all the necessary bits. As quite a bit of TLC was required before he was good to go, I managed to haggle the price down to a quite acceptable amount.

Set up in the well equipped garage of the very generous Steve Swallow (thank you again Steve and Kylie for having me!), Dylan got a full stripping down, and an extensive service followed.

All the important spares packed, thanks to the well stocked shelves of Munich Motorcycles in Perth, and tooled up with the essentials, Dylan and I were ready to go tearing up the Australia.

All I needed now was a map.


Freshly mapped up, thanks to the quite excellent Map & Chart Shop in Fremantle, I was set.


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