Wilson Inlet – Solo spinnakers

Third time out, light airs, another gorgeous day.

I wasn’t the only one to have thought it was a great day to go sailing, and another small catamaran was slowly coming downwind under mainsail as I tacked upwind close to them in order to say hi. We agreed that it was a cracking day for a sail, but that they had come much better prepared as they had beer, and I didn’t. Somewhere in the conversation while passing they thought it was my first time sailing, and said I was doing quite well. Nice of them to say so, but I thought there was good opportunity to surprise them. Once I’d got suitable upwind of them, I decided that nothing could possibly go wrong if I chucked the kite up by myself.


Up it went, and downwind we went. They did look slightly surprised as I blasted (relative term) past them, and towards the other end of the inlet. After bit of playing to see quite how far I could sail a symmetrical spinnaker upwind, down it came, with remarkable ease, and I headed for home.

When I caught up with the other couple onshore it turned out that he had lived on a large catamaran for many years, until a large cyclone up near Dampier had totalled everything. He’s started again with a 10ft one, and is working his way back up!


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