Wilson Inlet – My first solo sail

Sailing with Court was fun, but he only went and got himself gainful employment for a few weeks, which left me to play with his boat on my own. While it doesn’t really count as ‘solo sailing’, I did go sail his boat by myself.

It’s only little, so perfectly manageable as one person, but you don’t half have to run around more, while constantly keeping one hand on the tiller extension. Being by yourself on a relatively sizeable bit of water also focuses your mind on not falling in slightly more than if there’s two of you.

The first time out I had a good blast in a fresh breeze, and did my best to sail into shot of the movie they were filming from the shoreside. Whether I end up in the credits or final take is yet to be seen…

The second time out I stuck my camera to the tiller arm, and figured it could be quite entertaining to flick back through a mini sail at 60 second intervals. It was quite amusing.


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