Wilson Inlet – A small sailing adventure

Wilson Inlet is wonderful bit of water in Denmark, South West Australia. A slice of paradise, neatly nestled in the corner of the WA wine region. I recently had the pleasure of staying with my good friend Mr Courtney Powys and his lovely family for a few weeks, and among being part of Denmark life and enjoying life in the best place on the planet, I got to sail the inlet.

Court has a lovely 19ft trimaran that folds up to be a very manageable road tow. She trucks along pretty well with a good breeze, and it seemed silly that with two people from different sides of the world in the same place for a few weeks that we didn’t take it out for a blast.

The conversation went something like:

“Courtney, you have a boat?”

“Why yes Scotty, I do have a boat”

“Lets go bloody sail it then”

So we did. It was a lot of fun. Court had never got the spinnaker up before, and we decided it was definitely a good idea in a fresh breeze, with not a lot planning. The boat went really fast. Court’s heart went really fast. It was awesome.

Spinnaker cherry popped, it will now be a regular sight on the inlet.


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